What is Linked Data?

Linked Data is a way of publishing data on the Web. It builds upon standard Web technologies, but rather than using them to serve web pages for human readers, it extends them to share information in a way that can be read by computers and that can express relationships between pieces of data published by different organizations.

The 2011 Census

The 2011 census is an account of all the people and households in the country on census night. It gives a comprehensive picture of the social and living conditions of our people in 2011, and its results are essential tools for policy, planning and decision making purposes.

Query Data with SPARQL

SPARQL is a powerful query language for Linked Data. The Central Statistics Office maintains a SPARQL-enabled data store with the Census results. You can explore the data and test your queries through a query form, or build applications that query the data through our SPARQL API.

Download Data

Download datasets and classifications for local use. Downloads are available in a number of formats, including Linked Data enabled formats (Data Cube, SKOS), and in traditional CSV.